Who Am I ?

IMG_3396Hi! My name is Leila. Born and raised in Paris, I moved to Los Angeles 9 years ago. What I kept (among many other things) from the French education is the curiosity of discovering different cultures. That’s why as soon as I can, I pack my luggage and go out there for some fun adventure.

I have a  great career in the financial industry but nothing makes me more happy than travelling. I use my (not enough) vacation days to travel to new places and check off items from my Bucket List.

It is then possible to have a corporate job and travel around the world. Let me show you how you can squeeze amazing travel destinations in your busy work schedule.

Follow me on my trips around the world. I will show you how you can see cities in 3 days; i will tell you where i found my travel packages and  where to stay, what to see,  where to eat, drink and party and what tour to take.

When i’m not travelling around the world, i take short trips to discover different US cities or i play tourist in my own hometown Los Angeles.

For Inquiries : leilaspassport@gmail.com


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