Santa Monica Mountains

The Santa Monica Mountains are on the West Side of Los Angeles, from The Valley to Santa Monica and all the way to Thousands Oaks.

Hondo Canyon by Topanga – 7.6 miles

It has a lot of shades so it’s a perfect hike on hot days. It has some steep sections and you can extend the hike all the way to the ocean .

Hollywood Sign Trail – 7 miles

There are many ways to get behind the sign. I like to park at the Griffith Observatory and go from there.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview – Culver City

If you need some serious stairs workout, this is the place to go. You will need to do the stairs about 3 times  to get a very good workout out of it.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview Stairs
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overview Stairs

Westridge Canyonback Trail – 5.3 miles

You can start it from the Valley, Encino to go towards Brentwood or you can start in Brentwood. It’s a very smooth and pretty easy hike.

Eagle Rock from  the Topanga Canyon State Park or from Reseda

There are many ways, from easy to hard, to get that ultimate point.The hard way from an entrance on the back street of PCH and it end up being 10 miles hike or the easier way from Reseda to the hub junction to the rock that is about 7.5 miles.

Paradise Falls, Teepee Trail and Mesa Trail in Thousand Oaks

Depends on how you are combining all the trails, you can hike from 3 to 7 miles.The park entrance makes you think you are in the Midwest and The waterfall is one of the most beautiful one is LA.

Solstice Canyon – from  3 to 6 miles

If you are going to the waterfall only, it’s a very easy hike and there are a lot of shades. If you want to hike more, take the Sostomo Trail that will take you to the ocean and back.

Fryman and the RainForest – around 4 miles

Fryman loop is a 3 mile loop that is good for trail running. The Rainforest starts off the road by Laurel Canyon and takes you all the way to Mulholland view point .



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