Frenchie is taking over Hollywood

COLCOA that stands for City of Lights, City of Angels is the French Film Festival in Los Angeles. The Festival is the place for French movies to lunch their North American press round .This year again we will see a lot of North American premieres. For the festival 20th anniversary, at the opening ceremony on April 18th , we will see Omar Sy as the sad Clown Chocolat in Monsieur Chocolat, directed by Roschdy Zem.

The closing ceremony, on April 26th, will also be a very expected night with the acclaimed TV Show 10% or Call My Agent in English where the actors play their own role as the show recounts the life of a talent agency. 10% is the commission of those agents. The movie closing the ceremony is Up For Love with the Oscar winning Jean Dujardin. We are of course expecting to see Jean Dujardin and the producer of 10% Dominique Besnehard that night.

A regular at COLCOA, Claude Lelouche will present the US Premiere of his latest movie about love Un Plus Une starring Jean Dujardin and Elsa Zylberstein

Other movies that we are expecting and they already have been huge successes in France are Fatima that just won the Cesar, equivalent of Oscars, for best movie or One Man and His Cow with the very appreciated comedian Jamel Debbouze or the very funny movie Babysitting 2.

Stay Tune as I will take you inside the festival and behind the scenes.


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