COLCOA French Film Festival

COLCOA French Film Festival ended on Tuesday April 26th and for their 20th anniversary, they went big and it was a huge success.

The Press Announcement at the bucolic Maison de la France in Beverly Hills gave us a foretaste of the event and the amazing movie and TV Show selection.

The Festival, held at the Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood opened on Monday the 26th with the North American Premier of Monsieur Chocolate the latest great movie with Omar Sy, directed by Roshdy Zem.  The Pre-Screening party and the Q&A after the movie allowed everybody to meet the cast and go over the story of the first black clown in France, from his success in the circus and the racism and hate that he was victim outside of the circus.

The whole week, COLCOA was offering a wide range of movies, TV Shows and documentaries.

My favorite new movie was the latest Lelouch Un Plus Une with Elsa Zilberstein . Indeed it won the Audience Special Mentions Award. It was great to meet them both and go over how the film started. Lelouch has been making movies about love for exactly 50 years now.  When Elsa Zilberstein and Jean Dujardin that met on a plane from LA to Paris called him to ask him to write a movie for them, he took the opportunity to write another great movie about love with this time India as a colorful and spiritual background. You can only fall in love with that movie.

The movie Made in France  tells you the story of 5 young men from the Paris suburb that decide to become Jihadists and want to conduct a terrorist attack in Paris. The movie was shot before the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January and the Bataclan attacks in November and its release was delayed because of those two terrorist attacks. The Director Nicolas Boukhrief did an amazing research job by meeting the police department that works on terrorist cases, he also met some young men that had decided to radicalize their faith and he of course did a lot of research in the internet and on those jihadist websites.  The result is just bluffing. That movie is truer than true. The actors play amazingly well.  It is a movie to see to realize how the young generation can be attracted to that so called Saint War. No wonder it won the Audience Special Prize Award.

The TV Show 10% or Call My Agent in English tells with humor the life of four cinema agents in Paris. 10% is how much an agent gets when he/she book a contract for the actor. The show is produced by Dominique Besnehard who was the most famous agent in France. All the French Movie stars have accepted to play their own role, with a lot of self-mockery and it is hilarious. The TV show is not available in the US yet but it needs to be on Netflix or Amazon. It is the comedy show to watch.

The Festival allows French and non-French people to discover French cinema in all its glory. What a great festival with free screenings, opportunity to see classic French movies and new ones, occasion to meet and greet with actors, directors and producers and an occasion to meet people from different horizon during the pre-screening events. Thank you COLCOA for offering a week of French Film Premieres in Hollywood.

Found the Full selection and winners on

All Photos by La Boite, LLC

A l’année prochaine


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