Kutná Hora Day Tour by Sandeman’s

During your stay in Prague make sure to go to the UNESCO world heritage site of  Kutná Hora, a few hours away from the capital.

You don’t necessarily need to take a tour for it since it’s easily accessible by train, but I think you get a lot more with a tour as the guide will explain the history of the city and you will also get a tour of the churches.

I chose Sandeman’s New Europe Tour. It is the best tour out there, you will see everything and the price is unbeatable.  The tour guides are students that are passionate about the history of Prague and they are eager to make you discover the amazing cultural sites that it offers. We met by the Clock in Old Town Square and went from there to the Train Station. The Tour includes the train transportation ticket.  A few hours later we were at Kutná Hora.

We started to discover that beautiful city by walking through the medieval Ruthardska Street. As the tour guide was pointing out some interesting architecture embedded in some buildings, we started to hear the rich history of that old town that was the economic power-house of the Kingdom of Bohemia and played a crucial role in the 15th century Hussite Wars. We then visited the Splendid Italian Court. Our next stop was the restaurant for lunch. We went to Dacicky and had the best Czech food and of course beer. Again lunch is included in the tour price. In the afternoon, we headed to Saint Barbara’s Church, a Gothic masterpiece. The guide gave us a tour of the Church that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Church is breathtaking from outside and inside.  The Baroque style, the Vault of the Church, the Stained Glasses are all are beautiful. Keeping the best for last, we went to the famous Bone Chapel, The Sedlec Ossuary. The Chapel, located in the middle of a small cemetery is filled with bones. In the middle of the Chapel, you will be attracted to that sort of art installation with bones. Very impressive and unique.

We were back to Prague around 5pm-6pm.

You can take the train and go to that town by yourself but it can be a bit confusing as you have to change train. Also, with the tour, you get a full explanation of the history of the city, the Church and Bone Chapel. For that price, it is more than worth taking the tour.

Duration : All Day

Price: 30 Euros

Website : Sandeman’s New Europe Tour

Rating: 5-star-rating

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