La Nuit en Rosé

La Nuit en Rosé was back again this year at Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset. What a great location for a glamorous event like this one. This year the event was running on 3 days with a Friday Night 4-course Rosé Wine Pairing Dinner, a Saturday Rosé Sunset Soirée, and a Sunday Rosé Pool Party.

I went to the Saturday Rosé Sunset Soirée and had an amazing time. There were about 15 different Rosé tasting stations and each brand was offering more than 1 Rosé for tasting and of course, I had to taste all of them. You had a choice between bubbly Rosé like Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé Champagne, amazing dry Rosé with Château Léoube or more on the sweet side with Le Petit Français. There were Rosé from around the world, French one obviously with my favorite Mouton Cadet, Italian one with Ferrari or Ruffino, Spanish one with Brancato Rosato of Il Poggione. I will have to attribute the price of the most gorgeous Rosé bottle to Cote des Roses with the bottom of the bottle that is actually in a shape of a Rose instead of being flat.

I want to talk more about some of my favorite ones:

  • Château Léoube is an organic win made by artisans no too far by the sea. If you like the dry one this is the one. There is no doubt why it has been awarded so many times in the past few years.
  • Le Petit Français because who doesn’t like to drink good wine. If you like your Rosé to be a little bit sweet this is perfect. By the one, I’m obsessed with that wine logo (it has the French Flag colors)
  • Mouton Cadet is my favorite Rosé, while in doubt always go with Mouton Cadet. You can never go wrong with that choice.
  • Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé Champagne is bubbly and fresh for sunny summer days.

As French, I was pleased to see that much great French wine and I was not the only one loving them. It was a pleasure to spend a night with all those LA Rosé lovers. It was fun to taste all those wines in that pink light all night ambiance.  And it was also great to learn more about Rosé by talking to all the Rosé makers that were passionate about their wine and their region.  My new obsession now:  go to Provence, Cote du Rhone and Tuscany to taste the Rosé from the source.

A l’année prochaine




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