Norton Simon Museum

Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is one of the most remarkable private art collections ever assembled. Approximately 1,000 works from the permanent collection of 12,000 objects are on view in the Norton Simon Museum’s galleries and sculpture garden throughout the year. How can you not fall in love with the Van Gogh Portrait of a Peasant in the middle of that green room. As a traveler I love The Traveler by Liubov Popova; I can see the frenzy of a person who is traveling in this oil on canvas painting. The small back room reserved to Sam Francis’ Basel Mural is majestic; the large mural is imposing and relaxing at the same time. The sculpture garden is perfect for taking a break, grab coffee or lunch but still be immerse in an art environment with those sculptures.

There is a temporary exhibition until August 29th called Duchamp to Pop where you can see artist Marcel Duchamp Pop Art and art work from similar artists, especially Andy Warhol, Jim Dine. The exhibition is for all the Duchamp Addicts like me and the ones that want to see the ones that want to discover Pop Art. You can see Duchamp’s famous L.H.O.O.Q Mona Lisa ( Mona Lisa with a mustache) as well as Brillo Boxes by Warhol or Half Dollar by Robert Dowd.

The Museum has an astonishing collection of European and Asian Art pieces from 14th to 20th Century. They consistently have amazing exhibitions whether it was Van Gohg Self-Portrait few years ago or Duchamp’s Pop Art Today. The Norton Simon Museum is the perfect museum to learn about the classic paintings as well discover modern art.


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