French Bakeries in LA

This year, we will celebrate the Epiphany on January 8th. As the French tradition wants, I will be eating a King Cake or Galette des Rois and hoping to found the lucky charm or fève in French and be the queen. The Tradition wants the youngest person to go under the table to choose which cake part goes to whom and the one that will have the fève that I inside of the cake will be the King.

Here is the list of some of the best French bakeries in Los Angeles that have the best pastries and offer Galette des Rois :

  • Pitchoun in DTLA is the reference. Their baguette is the best and their pastries are amazing. They offer a Galette des Rois.
  • Bottega Louie in DTLA is famous for its pastel facade and the rainbow macaroon behind the window store. Their macaroons are delicious and the boxes are so cute
  • Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz is a great bistro that also has some delicious pastries from Éclair au Café to Pain au Chocolat.
  • Laduree opened its door in Los Angeles at the Grove and is working in a new location in Beverly Hills. Their macaroons are world famous but they also offer specialty cakes like the Galette des Rois.


  • Sweet Nuns on Wiltshire is a small pastry shop specialized in Religieuse which means nun in English. It is a puff cream pastry. You can find the classic one chocolate or coffee but also get custom ones for every occasion. That pastry is my guilty pleasure.

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