2017 L.Art

Los Angeles has become a “cultural” city as more and more artists are spreading their wings in the city of angels. 2017 started already very strong with many great past , ongoing and future exhibitions.


The Institute of Contemporary Art is the new, free, museum in Downtown LA.  It is exhibiting until the end of the year Abigail DeVille ‘s work “No Hidden Space (Shelter)”. Abigail “acts as an archaeologist, collecting and re-purposing found materials to give physical presence to unspoken histories and forgotten pasts”.

The Museum of Ice Cream

After its lunch in 2016 in New York, this unusual museum is coming to LA from April 22nd to May 19th. What a crazy and amazing idea to dedicate a museum to one of my weaknesses, the ice cream. It will also be the occasion to get lost in different “ice creamish” rooms , jump in a pool of Sprinkles and you will get to taste new flavors curated by the museum.


Andy Warhol Revisited by Revolver Gallery

The Exhibition at the specialized art gallery celebrates the artist. The many works pieces at display pay tributes to the genius of Warhol  The picture station even allows you to channel your inner Warhol. A must stop place for all the Warhol lovers.


Desert x Project in Palm Springs

Desert x just produced a desert biennial. You have until April 30th to head to the desert for a giant art hunting. The prizes art amazing art pieces that looked like they just popped in the middle of nowhere.  The Non-Profit Organization reunited international artists to the Palm Desert Valley to showcase art that “focus attention on the valley’s environment, its natural wonders as well as socio-political-economic issues”.  Just grab the map for their website or from the lobby of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and start the most exciting treasure hunting ever.


Jason Rhodes at Hauser & Wirth

The Jason Rhoades Exhibit at the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery is now open to public. If you love immersive experiences this is one very exciting exhibition. The 6 installations translate Jason Rhoades’ vision of the society and religion. You have until May 21st to get immersed in the world of Jason Rhodes.



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