21st COLCOA French Film Festival

Frenchies are taking over Hollywood for the next 9 days . The 51st French Film Festival COLCOA dreamy red carpet with Claude Lelouch, Nadia Fares , Christophe Lambert , Patrick Bruel and Danny Boon started the festivities on a high note .

The opening night featured the latest Claude Lelouch Movie Everyone’s Life (chacun sa vie in French) . As Nadia Fares, one of the many prestigious actresses in the movie, said on the red carpet, Lelouch is the French Woody Allen, he writes and films romanticism and love perfectly and one can’t say no to shoot a movie with him. The movie features the love stories of the residents of a small town, Beaune, in the wine county of Burgundy, from the lawyer to the mayor to the radio host.

Here are few other movies to look forward to:

RAID by Dany Boon . Dany Boon did it again; another successful funny movie. The movie was a big hit in France when it was released back in February. It tells the story of Johanna , a clumsy cop who wants to become the first women member of the RAID , an elite group of cops.

Dalida with Sveva Alviti. The movie is a biopic of the singer Dalida. It shows her magical life as she was a huge star but also her pains. The Main actress Sveva Alviti looks incredibly like Dalida.

Odyssey with Lambert Wilson . Lambert Wilson accepted the challenge to play the role of Captain Cousteau in that biopic . Playing a man like him is always a challenge as he said on the red carpet. He didn’t want to deceive the public that loves the Captain as well as the family . He watched many videos of him to learn to act like him and he also talked to the family to get to know Jacques Cousteau better. The result is impressive. It was very moving to see the relationship of the Captain with his son Philippe. And of course there is a environmental message in it, as the Captain said in the movie : “i wanted to conquer the world while it needs to be preserved”.

Two is a family (Demain tout commence in French) Omar Sy  is back this year with a movie that talks about how he found himself having to raise  his daughter alone for 8 years until the mom decides to come back to their lives and wants to get their daughter back.

Alibi.com tells the story of Greg who has created a startup that provides alibi to people in need of one. His life changes when he meets a girl to whom he does not say his real job, and while he meets her parents realizes the dad is one of his clients!

On the TV side we have

Call my agent :  Last year they featured season 1 and said they were taking to different people to be able to lunch the show here in the US, after the huge success they had in France . Few months later ,  the show was on Netflix. This year , they are  back with season 2 that was just launched in France . Can’t wait for Netflix to show season 2 for us .


All Photos are courtesy of COLCOA French Film Festival and Getty Images


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