Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Walls will be the quest for immersive space until July.

Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.

Zadik known for his work of covering walls, floor and ceiling with industrial gold, shows the magic of gold leaves once again here. He covered a back wall by thousands of medium and small plaster covered in 24k gold leaves called Foreigners. When you look at the plasters closely, you can see each of them is a different face. It took him and his team over a year to finish that piece of art.


Behind that black wall, there is the Solis, a big giant piece of plaster, wood and Styrofoam covered in gold aluminum foil. Zadik wanted to show his admiration for the sunrise.

You can also admire the wall by Marjan Vayghan called Printing with Second Skin where she used traditional Persian clothes and fabrics to transform the wall.

The other big wall of the studio is work of Kaloust Guedel who used vinyl and acrylic and a lot of colors to create that painter wall. That blue and colorful wall contrast with the black wall in the middle of the room.



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