LA Art Show 2018

All the galleries and museums were gathered at the LA Art show 2018 to give us a sneak peek of what Art is about in the Los Angeles and in the US.

Here are some highlights that gave us the desire to see more Art in 2018.

“Left” or “Right” by Antuan Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

The punching bags had each the face of a world leader that we would like to punch from Trump to Poutine to Kin Jong Un to Ben Laden. There was a meditation session organized between those punching bags to show that violence is not the answer to the violence offered by those leaders.

punching bags Marisa Caichiolo

Margaret Keane that became widely known thanks to the movie Big Eyes, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Couple of her paintings were also exposed.

There was a lot of neon light modern art showing how popular that new pop art is.

  • K Contemporary Art Gallery was exposing
  • Artist WhIsBe was exposed

K Contemporary Art Gallery

On the opening night, there was a special dance representation by  One More Dance; a contemporary multi-disciplinary representation of Los Diablos de Yare – declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. During the  Art show, you could see the Artist Valecillos that created a series of stunning photographs set against a backdrop of iconic Los Angeles landmarks.


Here are some other amazing pieces:

  • Hollywood chaos seen by Jeff Gilette

Jeff Gilette

  • Representation of America, Pennies, and bullets by Greg Auerbach
  • Dreamy Beach view by Casimiro Perez
Casmiro Perez
Casmiro Perez
  • Daniel Joseph Martinez Curated by Chon Noriegas : A Very realistic representation of the assassination of Marat
    assassination of Marat

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