Immersive Art taking over Los Angeles

If you are on a quest for immersive art, you will be very pleased with this year art exhibitions. From the queen of immersive art Yayoi Kusuma to the newbies like … , artists use immersive art to make us dive into their world and feel intense emotions.

Here are few ongoing experiences you will find in LA.

The Broad

The unique Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusuma immerses you in the middle of the starts and you can feel the soul of those stars that are million light years away from our planet. You have a feeling that you are disconnected from the world and you are just floating in the space with the stars.

Another of her permanent exhibition at the museum is the Longing for Eternity. You will observe from the outside of that box through porthole-like windows, a dazzling, LED light–filled hexagonal chamber. The result is a distinctly visual immersion, and a counterpoint to the rooms that envelope the viewer.

Through extreme repetition, both types of Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms create phenomenological experiences that provoke a sense of boundlessness and transcendence.


Marciano Art Foundation

Another of Yayoi Kusuma’s immersive room can be experienced at the Marciano Art Foundation. It is called WITH ALL MY LOVE FOR THE TULIPS, I PRAY FOREVER, 2011. You will be immersed for a few minutes in a bright red polka dot room with the oversized flower-potted tulips made from fiberglass- reinforced plastic and that are painted with the same red polka dots as the floor, ceiling, and walls. “She created here an immersive viewing experience while at the same time diminishing the appearance of depth. This work exemplifies Kusama’s singular vision and her distinctive gift for drawing viewers into the work on a deeply visceral level. Kusama currently lives and works in Tokyo.”

Yayoi Kusuma



Between Mountains and Desert

Travel 3 hours north of Los Angeles and experience the mountain and the desert scenery at the same time. Head to Lone Pine and Bishop, 2 small cities along the 395 Highway.

You can make a quick stop at the Red Rocks Canyon State Park.

Pass by the greenest road on your way to Cottonwood Lakes, Inyo National Forest. The scenery is far from what you can see in Los Angeles.

Make a stop at the famous Jerky place, the  Gus Really Good Fresh Jerky. I didn’t like jerky until I had beef jerky from there.

Gus Really Good Fresh Jerky

Found yourself walking on Mars when you hike White Mountain, one of the tallest peak in the US at 14,252 feet. White Mountain, also has a research station at the beginning of the trail and one small one at the peak, operated by the University of California, to evaluate the effects of altitude on physiology.

You can also hike flat in the Alabama Hills. Take a pose with the Turtle Rock and go around the arches. You can see Mt. Whitney through the Mobius Arch. The Alabama Hills was the filming location for a lot of western/cowboys movies.

Take up the challenge to hike the tallest mountain the lowest 48 US State, Mt Whitney.Mt Whitney. It’s a long 22 miles hike with a summit at 14,505 feet.


Torrey Pines

La Jolla is a beautiful hilly seaside area by San Diego. It has the most scenic hike by the beach at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The hikes are easy and it gives you an amazing view of the Pacific Coast.


Torrey Pines State Reserve

Take your time to explore all the trails as each of them is offering something beautiful from a viewpoint to direct access to the beach.

Follow the map.

Broken Hill overlook has the best viewpoint.

Broken Hill Trail to the Beach, as its name indicates, takes you to the beach and the Flat Rock.



The 2018 COLCOA French Film Festival was again a huge success.

The Festival, held at the Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood was offering a wide range of movies, TV Shows, and documentaries.

My favorite new movie was the latest Nakache and Toledano movie Le sens de la fete I don’t remember the last time I laughed that much … maybe it was for another Nakache and Toledano movie Intouchable . No wonder they won the LAFCA Critics Special Prize.

Dany Boon was there again with his new movie La Chtite Famille. Back to his Chtite roots, he makes a  movie that points out how one can forget about his family and his roots, in order to succeed in the Parisian high society. It is a very funny and sensitive movie.  The homage to his friend Johnny Hallyday at the end is very moving.

The Festival allows French and non-French people to discover French cinema in all its glory. What a great festival with free screenings, opportunity to see classic French movies and new ones, an occasion to meet and greet with actors, directors and producers and an occasion to meet people from different horizon during the pre-screening events. Thank you COLCOA for offering a week of French Film Premieres in Hollywood.

Found the Full selection and winners on

Pinnacles National Park

The Pinnacles National Park, home of the condor, was born some 23 million years ago when volcanoes erupted. The remains of it is a unique landscape through which you can hike; rare talus caves and towering rock spires.

Leave you can at the campground and take the shuttle to the main trailhead,  The Bear Glutch Trailhead. The Condor Gulch to High Peaks Loop allows you to walk through the heart of the Pinnacles rock formations, particularly along the Steep and Narrow section of the High Peaks trail. On the way back add the Balconies Cave trail to see the lake and the caves.

From the West end of the park, you can use the Chaparral trail to see the amazing Balconies Caves. Flashlight required and be ready to truly emerge in a cave. I really thought I’m going on an expedition.  You can loop it back to the parking lot on continuing the trail to the high peaks.




LA Art Show 2018

All the galleries and museums were gathered at the LA Art show 2018 to give us a sneak peek of what Art is about in the Los Angeles and in the US.

Here are some highlights that gave us the desire to see more Art in 2018.

“Left” or “Right” by Antuan Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

The punching bags had each the face of a world leader that we would like to punch from Trump to Poutine to Kin Jong Un to Ben Laden. There was a meditation session organized between those punching bags to show that violence is not the answer to the violence offered by those leaders.

punching bags Marisa Caichiolo

Margaret Keane that became widely known thanks to the movie Big Eyes, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Couple of her paintings were also exposed.

There was a lot of neon light modern art showing how popular that new pop art is.

  • K Contemporary Art Gallery was exposing
  • Artist WhIsBe was exposed

K Contemporary Art Gallery

On the opening night, there was a special dance representation by  One More Dance; a contemporary multi-disciplinary representation of Los Diablos de Yare – declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. During the  Art show, you could see the Artist Valecillos that created a series of stunning photographs set against a backdrop of iconic Los Angeles landmarks.


Here are some other amazing pieces:

  • Hollywood chaos seen by Jeff Gilette

Jeff Gilette

  • Representation of America, Pennies, and bullets by Greg Auerbach
  • Dreamy Beach view by Casimiro Perez
Casmiro Perez
Casmiro Perez
  • Daniel Joseph Martinez Curated by Chon Noriegas : A Very realistic representation of the assassination of Marat
    assassination of Marat


Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Walls will be the quest for immersive space until July.

Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.

Zadik known for his work of covering walls, floor and ceiling with industrial gold, shows the magic of gold leaves once again here. He covered a back wall by thousands of medium and small plaster covered in 24k gold leaves called Foreigners. When you look at the plasters closely, you can see each of them is a different face. It took him and his team over a year to finish that piece of art.


Behind that black wall, there is the Solis, a big giant piece of plaster, wood and Styrofoam covered in gold aluminum foil. Zadik wanted to show his admiration for the sunrise.

You can also admire the wall by Marjan Vayghan called Printing with Second Skin where she used traditional Persian clothes and fabrics to transform the wall.

The other big wall of the studio is work of Kaloust Guedel who used vinyl and acrylic and a lot of colors to create that painter wall. That blue and colorful wall contrast with the black wall in the middle of the room.


21st COLCOA French Film Festival

Frenchies are taking over Hollywood for the next 9 days . The 51st French Film Festival COLCOA dreamy red carpet with Claude Lelouch, Nadia Fares , Christophe Lambert , Patrick Bruel and Danny Boon started the festivities on a high note .

The opening night featured the latest Claude Lelouch Movie Everyone’s Life (chacun sa vie in French) . As Nadia Fares, one of the many prestigious actresses in the movie, said on the red carpet, Lelouch is the French Woody Allen, he writes and films romanticism and love perfectly and one can’t say no to shoot a movie with him. The movie features the love stories of the residents of a small town, Beaune, in the wine county of Burgundy, from the lawyer to the mayor to the radio host.

Here are few other movies to look forward to:

RAID by Dany Boon . Dany Boon did it again; another successful funny movie. The movie was a big hit in France when it was released back in February. It tells the story of Johanna , a clumsy cop who wants to become the first women member of the RAID , an elite group of cops.

Dalida with Sveva Alviti. The movie is a biopic of the singer Dalida. It shows her magical life as she was a huge star but also her pains. The Main actress Sveva Alviti looks incredibly like Dalida.

Odyssey with Lambert Wilson . Lambert Wilson accepted the challenge to play the role of Captain Cousteau in that biopic . Playing a man like him is always a challenge as he said on the red carpet. He didn’t want to deceive the public that loves the Captain as well as the family . He watched many videos of him to learn to act like him and he also talked to the family to get to know Jacques Cousteau better. The result is impressive. It was very moving to see the relationship of the Captain with his son Philippe. And of course there is a environmental message in it, as the Captain said in the movie : “i wanted to conquer the world while it needs to be preserved”.

Two is a family (Demain tout commence in French) Omar Sy  is back this year with a movie that talks about how he found himself having to raise  his daughter alone for 8 years until the mom decides to come back to their lives and wants to get their daughter back. tells the story of Greg who has created a startup that provides alibi to people in need of one. His life changes when he meets a girl to whom he does not say his real job, and while he meets her parents realizes the dad is one of his clients!

On the TV side we have

Call my agent :  Last year they featured season 1 and said they were taking to different people to be able to lunch the show here in the US, after the huge success they had in France . Few months later ,  the show was on Netflix. This year , they are  back with season 2 that was just launched in France . Can’t wait for Netflix to show season 2 for us .


All Photos are courtesy of COLCOA French Film Festival and Getty Images

2017 L.Art

Los Angeles has become a “cultural” city as more and many artists have spread their wings in the city of angels in 2017.


The Institute of Contemporary Art is the new, free, museum in Downtown LA.  It is exhibiting until the end of the year Abigail DeVille ‘s work “No Hidden Space (Shelter)”. Abigail “acts as an archaeologist, collecting and re-purposing found materials to give physical presence to unspoken histories and forgotten pasts”.



The Museum of Ice Cream

After its lunch in 2016 in New York, this unusual museum is coming to LA from April 22nd to May 19th. What a crazy and amazing idea to dedicate a museum to one of my weaknesses, the ice cream. It will also be the occasion to get lost in different “ice creamish” rooms , jump in a pool of Sprinkles and you will get to taste new flavors curated by the museum.

 29 Rooms

After New York,  Refinery29 brings its “interactive fun house of style, culture, & technology” to Los Angeles  with this year’s theme being Turn It Into Art where each room is inspirational in its own way.


Andy Warhol Revisited by Revolver Gallery

The Exhibition at the specialized art gallery celebrates the artist. The many works pieces at display pay tributes to the genius of Warhol  The picture station even allows you to channel your inner Warhol. A must stop place for all the Warhol lovers.


Desert x Project in Palm Springs

Desert x just produced a desert biennial. You have until April 30th to head to the desert for a giant art hunting. The prizes art amazing art pieces that looked like they just popped in the middle of nowhere.  The Non-Profit Organization reunited international artists to the Palm Desert Valley to showcase art that “focus attention on the valley’s environment, its natural wonders as well as socio-political-economic issues”.  Just grab the map for their website or from the lobby of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and start the most exciting treasure hunting ever.


Jason Rhodes at Hauser & Wirth

The Jason Rhoades Exhibit at the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery is now open to public. If you love immersive experiences this is one very exciting exhibition. The 6 installations translate Jason Rhoades’ vision of the society and religion. You have until May 21st to get immersed in the world of Jason Rhodes.



Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.



LACMA  is bringing to its stage Chagall’s fantasy costumes . Chagall got to do set design and costumes for many classical operas and ballets like Alexis set to music by Tchaikovsky or the Magic Flute by Mozart .At “Chagall Fantasies for the stages“, you will get to see the costumes as well as the paintings of Chagall, used as sketches for the set designs. The costumes are out of this world. You cannot stop contemplating every  little detail .

Must see exhibition that will end on Jan 7, 2018.



The most famous street artist stopped in LA and at LACMA this year with his inside out project bus . You could have your posted printed and be part of the “global participatory art project”. You could also see his prints around the city especially his poster of Agnes Varda with whom he made a documentary faces places .

French Bakeries in LA

This year, we will celebrate the Epiphany on January 8th. As the French tradition wants, I will be eating a King Cake or Galette des Rois and hoping to found the lucky charm or fève in French and be the queen. The Tradition wants the youngest person to go under the table to choose which cake part goes to whom and the one that will have the fève that I inside of the cake will be the King.

Here is the list of some of the best French bakeries in Los Angeles that have the best pastries and offer Galette des Rois :

  • Pitchoun in DTLA is the reference. Their baguette is the best and their pastries are amazing. They offer a Galette des Rois.
  • Bottega Louie in DTLA is famous for its pastel facade and the rainbow macaroon behind the window store. Their macaroons are delicious and the boxes are so cute
  • Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz is a great bistro that also has some delicious pastries from Éclair au Café to Pain au Chocolat.
  • Laduree opened its door in Los Angeles at the Grove and is working in a new location in Beverly Hills. Their macaroons are world famous but they also offer specialty cakes like the Galette des Rois.


  • Sweet Nuns on Wiltshire is a small pastry shop specialized in Religieuse which means nun in English. It is a puff cream pastry. You can find the classic one chocolate or coffee but also get custom ones for every occasion. That pastry is my guilty pleasure.