Pinnacles National Park

The Pinnacles National Park, home of the condor, was born some 23 million years ago when volcanoes erupted. The remains of it is a unique landscape through which you can hike; rare talus caves and towering rock spires.

Leave you can at the campground and take the shuttle to the main trailhead,  The Bear Glutch Trailhead. The Condor Gulch to High Peaks Loop allows you to walk through the heart of the Pinnacles rock formations, particularly along the Steep and Narrow section of the High Peaks trail. On the way back add the Balconies Cave trail to see the lake and the caves.

From the West end of the park, you can use the Chaparral trail to see the amazing Balconies Caves. Flashlight required and be ready to truly emerge in a cave. I really thought I’m going on an expedition.  You can loop it back to the parking lot on continuing the trail to the high peaks.





Athens and Greek Mythology

Athens, the city of Gods, is where many myths and Greek mythological legends were born. Here are some of them as we are walking through the remains of that ancient world. Here is a guide on how to wander in Athens and relive the Greek Mythology stories in 2 days.

The name Athens is coming from Athena, the goddess of wisdom, intelligent activity, arts, and literature. Athena was the daughter of Zeus, she came out of Zeus‘ forehead. She became the city’s patron goddess after winning a contest against Poseidon. The victory came to the one who will offer the best gifts to the Athenians and Athena with her offering of the olive tree, a symbol of prosperity and peace, won and became the patron goddess.

Electra palace sunset

Day 1: Objective Acropolis

Practical advice: get a 2-day pass at one of the sites that will allow you to go to all the must-see archeological sites without having to wait in line and pay for each separately. And of course, it does come out cheaper as well.

Start your day at Syntagma Square where, every hour, you can witness the change of Evzones, a special unit of the Hellenic Army, in front of the parliament. Their old fashion guard outfit is what makes those guards unique. Other info, they are doing this for free. It is a service to the nation.

Behind the square, you have Athens beautiful and peaceful National Garden. It is a Greek heaven in a middle of a busy city. Take a morning walk through the park and when you get out from the opposite side you will found yourself in front of The Panathenaic Stadium.

The Panathenaic Stadium, which means “beautiful marble”, was built by Herodes. The stadium steps and seats are indeed made out of marble. It held the opening and closing ceremonies of the first modern Olympics in 1896 and the latest one in Greece in 2004. Today, you can visit it and take a seat where the emperors used to seat. I will talk later on about Herodes, as he has other monuments dedicated to him.

Next stop, The Temple of Zeus. Tall columns and ambitious layout, the temple of Olympian Zeus reflected the height of the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. The ruins are still impressive. You can take a close look at the Doric Column, a vertical fluted column shaft, thinner at its top, with no base and a simple capital below a square abacus. It is one of the marks of Greek Architecture. The Temple was built over several centuries starting in 174 BCE and only finally completed by the Roman emperor Hadrian in 131 CE.

Hadrian was a Roman emperor from 117 to 138. As an admirer of Greece, he wanted to make Athens the cultural capital of the Empire.  Between 124 and 132 CE a monumental arch, 59ft high, Hadrian’s Arch, was built by the entrance of the temple of Zeus, in honor of his many benefactions to the city.

Hadrian Arch

From there, head to the Acropolis Museum. How amazing it is to visit a museum and have under your feet the ruins of an ancient world. The museum is filled with the ancient history statues.

Acropolis museum

Acropolis museum

Take a Break: The small streets around the museum will lead you to Plaka, where you can have lunch or do some souvenirs shopping.

Plaka stairs

You can finish the day by going to the Acropolis. Start from the bottom and make your way to The Parthenon. You will pass by:


Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, wine, and theater in ancient Greek religion and myth. The Theater of Dionysus in Acropolis was built at the time when ‘drama’ or ‘theater’ was first being created in the late 6th Century BCE. The plays were performed during the Dionysiac festivals, as part of the cult celebrations of Dionysus.

Theatre of Dionysus

Herodes Atticus, the “patron of the arts and letters” built the amphitheater below the Parthenon in 161 AD in memory of his wife. It is one of the rare ancient constructions that is still used today; one of the best places to experience a live classical theater performance.

Herodes Atticus Odeon

Asclepius, the God of Medicine as told in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, was a physician to soldiers wounded on the battlefield at Troy. By Hippocrates’ day, he had become elevated to the status of a god. His temple, on Acropolis, was a healing temple, a place where patients would visit to receive either treatment or some sort of healing, whether it was spiritual or physical.

The Parthenon, like all temples in Greece, was designed to be seen only from the outside; no need to step inside to see the statue of Athena it once housed. As you can notice, the Greeks loved marble. When you walk around the Parthenon you will realize the floor was in marble. The best marble came from the islands of Naxos or Paros.

The Temple of Athena built in Acropolis was to honor Athena Nike, the goddess of victory and Athens’ patron goddess.



Day 2: Agoras

The discovery of different Greek Gods and Goddesses continue with a visit from the Ancient Agora and The Roman Forum – Agora which means market-.

Take a Break: On your way there, you will pass by Monastiraki Square. It is a colorful square with a beautiful old church. You can head to the small streets from some flea market shopping or go towards the water for relaxing at one of the cafes.


Hadrian, he again ordered the construction of Hadrian’s Library that was created in AD 132 by the Ancient Agora.


Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes, has his temple on top of the Roman Agora. There were numerous potters’ workshops and metal-working shops in the vicinity of the temple, as befits the temple’s honoree.

A stoa, another mark of Greek Architecture, is a long, narrow row of columns backed by a plain wall and roofed. It is often placed at right-angles to create an enclosed open space. The Stoa of Eumenes in the Roman Forum is the perfect example of it.

Stop Ancient Agora


Last Mythology Story:

If you go towards the port of Athens, you can take the boats to go on the Aegean Sea. The city was also the starting point for the story of Aegeus and Theseus. Aegeus was the king of Athens; When the son of King Minos of Crete was killed,  Minos waged war against Athens, emerging victorious. As punishment, Athens was forced to send young men and young women to Crete annually, in order to be sacrificed to the Minotaur, who dwelt in the labyrinth under the palace of Minos. At some point, though, Theseus, son of Aegeus, decided to go as part of the sacrifice, planning to kill the Minotaur. He was successful in his quest, but upon returning to Athens, he forgot to change his ship’s sails to white; when Aegeus saw the black sails, meaning that Theseus had died in the labyrinth, he fell into the sea, and drowned, giving his name to what now is called the Aegean Sea.


Istanbul in 3 days

“If one had but single glance to give the world, one should glance on Istanbul” Alphonse De La Martine

Here is how to follow La Martine in 3 days

I think the best place to stay is in the Sultan Ahmet neighborhood by all the must-see attractions. Beside Dolmabahce you can walk everywhere.

Day 1: 

Take a cab to Dolmabahce

Dolmabahce, that means filled garden, has, of course, a beautiful garden with gates that open to Bosporus. How crazy it is that you can see another continent, Asia, on the other side of the water. Take time to walk around the garden and admire the architecture of the palace. The Palace and the Harem can only be visited with a tour and no pictures can be taken. The last room of the Palace, Ceremonial Hall, with the chandelier that was offered by Queen Victoria is majestic.



From there head to Galata Tower. The tower situated on a hill will give you the perfect 360-degree view of the city. Don’t you feel like you conquered the beauty of a city when you get to view it form the above?



View from Galata Tower

From the tower take the small streets, enjoy the small shops and cafes and head to Galata Bridge. Under the bridge, you have all the fish restaurants. During lunchtime, it smells like fresh fish … so tempting.

On the other side, you have the Bosphorus tours boats. It’s a 1h30 minute ride on the Bosporus. Take the boat and you will get to see Istanbul in the best way possible. You will pass by all the monuments. Especially if you don’t have to go to all the sites this is the best way to admire the architecture of that city.

Bosphorus Boat Tour

Day 2:

Start the day by a walk at the Gulhane Park. The imperial park will lead you to Topkapi Palace and Museum. Topkapı Palace is part the Historic Areas of Istanbul, a group of sites in Istanbul that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Enter the museum from the Imperial Gate. The back garden gives you a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus as it is overlooking the Golden Horn, where the Bosphorus Strait meets the Sea of Marmara. The Harem section of the museum is gorgeous. Topkapı Palace




After Topkapi, head to Hagia Sofia that Mosque that was a Cathedral before. You can see signs of both religions under one roof. It was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal Basilica until 1453, later an Ottoman imperial Mosque until 1931, and now a museum.

Hagia Sophia


On the other side, you can see the Blue Mosque. Its official name is The Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It has five main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes. Impressive.




Along the Blue Mosque, you have on one side the Hippodrome with the German Fountain, the Serpentine Column and the Obelisk of Thutmose III. Hippodrome of Constantinople was a circus that was the sporting and social center of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.

 the Serpentine Column and the Obelisk of Thutmose III

On the other side the Arasta Bazaar. It is a small bazaar that has great stores for souvenirs shopping especially if you love Swirling Darvish or evil eye objects.

Day 3:

Start your day at the Spice Bazaar. Enjoy the colorful alleys of that market. For shopping head to the Grand Bazaar where you can found anything you need, want or didn’t want. Wonder in the alleys, you will for sure found something to buy.



Finish your day at the Hamam for a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy the bath, the massage, and the Turkish coffee after it. One of the oldest one and most famous one is Cagaloglu Hamami by the Blue Mosque. It is truly a relaxing place.

Cagaloglu Hamami

If you have time:

  • Visit the cistern
  • Go to the Busy Taksim Square
  • Go see a Sufi Dance Session

Must Eat:

  • Baklava from Hafiz Mustafa
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Try to drink Raki – 40%  alcohol!
  • Have Simit Bread






Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Walls will be the quest for immersive space until July.

Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.

Zadik known for his work of covering walls, floor and ceiling with industrial gold, shows the magic of gold leaves once again here. He covered a back wall by thousands of medium and small plaster covered in 24k gold leaves called Foreigners. When you look at the plasters closely, you can see each of them is a different face. It took him and his team over a year to finish that piece of art.


Behind that black wall, there is the Solis, a big giant piece of plaster, wood and Styrofoam covered in gold aluminum foil. Zadik wanted to show his admiration for the sunrise.

You can also admire the wall by Marjan Vayghan called Printing with Second Skin where she used traditional Persian clothes and fabrics to transform the wall.

The other big wall of the studio is work of Kaloust Guedel who used vinyl and acrylic and a lot of colors to create that painter wall. That blue and colorful wall contrast with the black wall in the middle of the room.


21st COLCOA French Film Festival

Frenchies are taking over Hollywood for the next 9 days . The 51st French Film Festival COLCOA dreamy red carpet with Claude Lelouch, Nadia Fares , Christophe Lambert , Patrick Bruel and Danny Boon started the festivities on a high note .

The opening night featured the latest Claude Lelouch Movie Everyone’s Life (chacun sa vie in French) . As Nadia Fares, one of the many prestigious actresses in the movie, said on the red carpet, Lelouch is the French Woody Allen, he writes and films romanticism and love perfectly and one can’t say no to shoot a movie with him. The movie features the love stories of the residents of a small town, Beaune, in the wine county of Burgundy, from the lawyer to the mayor to the radio host.

Here are few other movies to look forward to:

RAID by Dany Boon . Dany Boon did it again; another successful funny movie. The movie was a big hit in France when it was released back in February. It tells the story of Johanna , a clumsy cop who wants to become the first women member of the RAID , an elite group of cops.

Dalida with Sveva Alviti. The movie is a biopic of the singer Dalida. It shows her magical life as she was a huge star but also her pains. The Main actress Sveva Alviti looks incredibly like Dalida.

Odyssey with Lambert Wilson . Lambert Wilson accepted the challenge to play the role of Captain Cousteau in that biopic . Playing a man like him is always a challenge as he said on the red carpet. He didn’t want to deceive the public that loves the Captain as well as the family . He watched many videos of him to learn to act like him and he also talked to the family to get to know Jacques Cousteau better. The result is impressive. It was very moving to see the relationship of the Captain with his son Philippe. And of course there is a environmental message in it, as the Captain said in the movie : “i wanted to conquer the world while it needs to be preserved”.

Two is a family (Demain tout commence in French) Omar Sy  is back this year with a movie that talks about how he found himself having to raise  his daughter alone for 8 years until the mom decides to come back to their lives and wants to get their daughter back. tells the story of Greg who has created a startup that provides alibi to people in need of one. His life changes when he meets a girl to whom he does not say his real job, and while he meets her parents realizes the dad is one of his clients!

On the TV side we have

Call my agent :  Last year they featured season 1 and said they were taking to different people to be able to lunch the show here in the US, after the huge success they had in France . Few months later ,  the show was on Netflix. This year , they are  back with season 2 that was just launched in France . Can’t wait for Netflix to show season 2 for us .


All Photos are courtesy of COLCOA French Film Festival and Getty Images

2017 L.Art

Los Angeles has become a “cultural” city as more and many artists have spread their wings in the city of angels in 2017.


The Institute of Contemporary Art is the new, free, museum in Downtown LA.  It is exhibiting until the end of the year Abigail DeVille ‘s work “No Hidden Space (Shelter)”. Abigail “acts as an archaeologist, collecting and re-purposing found materials to give physical presence to unspoken histories and forgotten pasts”.



The Museum of Ice Cream

After its lunch in 2016 in New York, this unusual museum is coming to LA from April 22nd to May 19th. What a crazy and amazing idea to dedicate a museum to one of my weaknesses, the ice cream. It will also be the occasion to get lost in different “ice creamish” rooms , jump in a pool of Sprinkles and you will get to taste new flavors curated by the museum.

 29 Rooms

After New York,  Refinery29 brings its “interactive fun house of style, culture, & technology” to Los Angeles  with this year’s theme being Turn It Into Art where each room is inspirational in its own way.


Andy Warhol Revisited by Revolver Gallery

The Exhibition at the specialized art gallery celebrates the artist. The many works pieces at display pay tributes to the genius of Warhol  The picture station even allows you to channel your inner Warhol. A must stop place for all the Warhol lovers.


Desert x Project in Palm Springs

Desert x just produced a desert biennial. You have until April 30th to head to the desert for a giant art hunting. The prizes art amazing art pieces that looked like they just popped in the middle of nowhere.  The Non-Profit Organization reunited international artists to the Palm Desert Valley to showcase art that “focus attention on the valley’s environment, its natural wonders as well as socio-political-economic issues”.  Just grab the map for their website or from the lobby of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and start the most exciting treasure hunting ever.


Jason Rhodes at Hauser & Wirth

The Jason Rhoades Exhibit at the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery is now open to public. If you love immersive experiences this is one very exciting exhibition. The 6 installations translate Jason Rhoades’ vision of the society and religion. You have until May 21st to get immersed in the world of Jason Rhodes.



Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.



LACMA  is bringing to its stage Chagall’s fantasy costumes . Chagall got to do set design and costumes for many classical operas and ballets like Alexis set to music by Tchaikovsky or the Magic Flute by Mozart .At “Chagall Fantasies for the stages“, you will get to see the costumes as well as the paintings of Chagall, used as sketches for the set designs. The costumes are out of this world. You cannot stop contemplating every  little detail .

Must see exhibition that will end on Jan 7, 2018.



The most famous street artist stopped in LA and at LACMA this year with his inside out project bus . You could have your posted printed and be part of the “global participatory art project”. You could also see his prints around the city especially his poster of Agnes Varda with whom he made a documentary faces places .

Florence in 2 days

Florence, the symbol of the renaissance is an open-air museum. No need to go inside any monument; the walk through the city is the way to see the beauty of the 600 years of artistic work. Here is a 2-day walking guide to admire that chef-d’oeuvre.

My travel App: Ulmon. It has all the sightseeing places saved and most of the restaurants and bars as well. It can be used offline which is very practical.

My booking site: . This is my 3rd time going through them to arrange my travel plans and I love the site. They have a great itinerary suggestion, hotels and all for a great price.

My Hotel: Hotel Vasari Palace, a former monastery, is a beautiful traditional hotel situated by the train station in a pedestrian zone.  I love to stay in traditional hotels where I can feel the charm and the history of the city. Great location, great service, great room and great price.

Must eat : Hotel Chocolate at Café Rivoire. Lunch at Le Volpi e L’Uva. Happy Hour at Caffe Cibreo . Dinner at Cantinetta Verazzano. Gelato at la Carraia.

Day 1

Start at the Train Station from where you can see the Church of S Maria Novella. Take the small pedestrian streets to get to San Lorenzo Basilica and Palazzo Medici. You can quickly go inside both monuments if you want, but again I don’t think it’s worth it. However, take a moment to admire the San Lorenzo Basilica from outside and go to the courtyard of Palazzo Medici to see the David by Donatello. Then, head to San Lorenzo Food and Flea Market. The covered food market is the perfect stop for lunch and the flea market is the perfect place for some souvenir purse shopping. After that cultural break, walk to the Duomo and the Baptistery. The entrance to the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore is free but to go up the Duomo you will have to get tickets in advance. In front of the Duomo, in the middle of the Piazza you will see the Baptistery and the east door of it called Gate of Paradise. The Duomo Piazza and the Cathedral are just breathtaking. The Piazza next to it via the pedestrian passage of Via de Calzaiuoli is where is Piazza Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia dei Lanzi, a lodge full of inspiring statues. Palazzo Vecchio is not an impressive palace if you have been to Versailles. You can easily skip it. You can seat at one of the cafes on that square like the Rivoire Café to take a moment to absorb all that beauty. Walk then towards Ponte Vecchio by passing by Uffizi Gallery Courtyard where you can admire statues and check out the work of the painters in the courtyard.  You can admire the sunset from there or even better from the bridge next to it Ponte Trinite. The neighborhood of San Spirito next to those bridges is not that touristy yet and is full of great locals’ restaurants and bar. Great way to finish that first walking tour day.

Day 2

Start your day at Galleria dell Academia. Make sure you bought your ticket in advance as the line can get very long very fast. The museum is fairly small and the main attraction is the Statue of David by Michelangelo. David is enthroned in the middle of the museum.  You should then walk towards Via de Tomabuoni the shopping street of Florence for why not shopping session. Then cross that Ponte Trinite to go to Pitti Palace. The ticket will allow you to visit the palace, the exhibition, the Boboli Garden and the Bardini Garden. The only attractions worth visiting, I believe.  The palace is beautiful and you will get the feel for the grandeur of the Italians monarch. The Boboli gardens are beyond beautiful and as you go up you get to see more and more of that legendary Florence from the above view. There is a cave on the corner of the garden; don’t miss it. It is one of the unusual things to see in Florence. You can go up the small narrow street of old Florence, classified UNESCO World heritage to go to Giardino Bardini Gardens. The Building is a museum and has a very interesting exhibiting. The gardens are bigger than Boboli garden and majestic. Finish your walk uphill at the Forte di Belvedere where you will have the best view of Florence and the sunset. For dinner, you can head across the Arno River to Santa Croce.

Macchu Picchu and Peru

While in Peru, make sure to take a 3-day tour to see Cusco and one of the new 7 wonders, Macchu Picchu.

A lot of company offer the same 3-day tour where you will have a chance to see beautiful Inca sites, proof of the greatness of the empire.

Cusco City, the historical capital of the Inca Empire and its Cathedral La Iglesia and Convento Santo Domingo on the main square Plaza de Armas and the Inca landmark of Qorikancha. At night, the Plaza is very lively and all the restaurants and bars are full of locals and tourists.

Right outside of the city, you will be able to see other Inca landmarks like the archeological site of Tambomachay, the citadel of Sacsaywaman, the Huayllay National Sanctuary and the village of Ollantaytambo in the sacred valley. You will stop at Mirador Taray, the place to have the best view of Cusco and the surrounding nature.

Macchu Picchu is a day trip by itself. You will take the blue train to the Macchu Picchu city called Aguas Calientes . From there, you will take a bus to the ruins. Be ready to start some walking but it is so worth it. You will soon be able to witness the breathtaking 15th Century Inca site. The scenic is just breathtaking.


Back in Lima, make sure to head to Downtown, The place for shopping but also to admire the old streets and some fine architecture works.

French Bakeries in LA

This year, we will celebrate the Epiphany on January 8th. As the French tradition wants, I will be eating a King Cake or Galette des Rois and hoping to found the lucky charm or fève in French and be the queen. The Tradition wants the youngest person to go under the table to choose which cake part goes to whom and the one that will have the fève that I inside of the cake will be the King.

Here is the list of some of the best French bakeries in Los Angeles that have the best pastries and offer Galette des Rois :

  • Pitchoun in DTLA is the reference. Their baguette is the best and their pastries are amazing. They offer a Galette des Rois.
  • Bottega Louie in DTLA is famous for its pastel facade and the rainbow macaroon behind the window store. Their macaroons are delicious and the boxes are so cute
  • Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz is a great bistro that also has some delicious pastries from Éclair au Café to Pain au Chocolat.
  • Laduree opened its door in Los Angeles at the Grove and is working in a new location in Beverly Hills. Their macaroons are world famous but they also offer specialty cakes like the Galette des Rois.


  • Sweet Nuns on Wiltshire is a small pastry shop specialized in Religieuse which means nun in English. It is a puff cream pastry. You can find the classic one chocolate or coffee but also get custom ones for every occasion. That pastry is my guilty pleasure.

Top 10 art exhibitions and experiences of 2016

   Los Angeles was not known to be a “cultural” city, nevertheless, for the past few years; many artists have made a point to show their exhibitions here. In 2016, we can say that LA is an art, cultural city like New York, London or Paris.

Here are, in a random order, my top 10 art exhibitions and experiences of 2016

  1. LACMA – The Rain Room by Random International

The Rain Room by Random International is another unique experience. It is an immersive environment of perpetually falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected. The installation offers visitors an opportunity to experience what is seemingly impossible: the ability to control rain. I, with some hesitation, start walking towards the rain and sure enough, as I got closer it stops. The experience lasts 5 minutes, during which you are amazed on how you can control the rain and walk around without getting wet.

LACMA Rain Room
LACMA Rain Room
  1. LACMA – Breathing Light by James Turell

James Turrell is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space. James Turrell has different exhibitions at the LACMA. One of them is Breathing Light  that I got the chance to experience. Breathing Light is an installation designed to entirely eliminate the viewer’s depth perception. You enter a room heavily illuminated LED lights that change colors from blue to pink. As you walk through the room towards the end wall, you start losing the feeling of depth and you are not sure anymore where the walls are, you feel like you are surrounded by a mist of color.

LACMA Breathing Light James Turell
Breathing Light by James Turell
  1. The Broad – Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusuma

The Broad, is the new Contemprary Art Museum in Los Angeles. Opened in 2016, it already became a reference with its impressive permanent collection including Jeff Koons or Basquiat, the many exhibitions like the infinity mirrored room by Yayoi Kusuma and the building itself designed by Diller Scofidio that is a  great piece of architecture.

The unique Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusuma immerses you in the middle of the starts and you can feel the soul of those stars that are million light years away from our planet. You have a feeling that you are disconnected from the world and you are just floating in the space with the stars.

The Broad Yayoi Kusuma
The Broad Yayoi Kusuma Infinity Room
  1. The Human Condition exhibition at The former Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center

The abandoned hospital became for a short time the venue for “an immersive, site-specific exhibition that features the work of over eighty emerging and established artists in a uniquely challenging space”.

For example, The Schauss Kitchen by Christopher Reynolds at The Human Condition exhibition shows us how pink is the color that suppress aggression and appetite.

  1. Skirball – Pop Of the People

The Bedroom of Van Gogh pops out thanks to Roy Lichtenstein and you can be part of that 3D comic scene until March 12th. Pop of the People shows how Roy Lichtenstain, through his Pop culture art, makes art accessible to the great majority.

  1. LACMA –  Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

The inventive filmmaker Guillermo del Toro shares his massive collection of  fantasy  movie paintings, drawings, maquettes, artifacts, and concept film art. We got to see different rooms that reflect the imagination of the horror movie filmmaker and his love for the monsters.

  1. Norton Simon Museum – Duchamp to Pop

Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is one of the most remarkable private art collections ever assembled. At the temporary exhibition Duchamp to Pop we saw artist Marcel Duchamp Pop Art and art work from similar artists, especially Andy Warhol, Jim Dine. The exhibition was for all the Duchamp Addicts like me and the ones that wanted to see the ones that want to discover Pop Art. You can see Duchamp’s famous L.H.O.O.Q Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa with a mustache) as well as Brillo Boxes by Warhol or Half Dollar by Robert Dowd.

  1. Minnie Rocks the Dots x Refinery

To celebrate the famous polka-dot dressed Mouse , Refinery 29 created an art and fashion exhibition. They created an “immersive experience that’s inspired by Minnie’s journey from black-and-white to color”. There was a designer fashion exhibit featuring her outfits from around the world, interactive color-by-number art and a photo gallery.

  1. Warhol Daisy Waterfall

Young Projects Gallery in West Hollywood brought back the Andy Warhol’s ‘Rain Machine’ to life after 45 years. Experience the Daisy Waterfall until February 17th 2017. This is another amazing immersive experience in LA.

  1. Reine Paradis Jungle Series

The French Artist, in orange,  pops out of the photography. In each of the 15 narratives photography, she is staging herself as the main character in a surreal blue landscape.

What is your best art exhibition and experience of 2016?