Lucca Walking Guide

Here is a map and the guide to see that beautiful historic city.

Lucca-Italy-Tourist-Map.mediumthumbedit (3).jpg

Lucca is a walled medieval city a few hours away from Florence. It is the perfect carpe diem day getaway destination if you decide to spend some time in Tuscany.

Take the train; the best way to visit Italy. The train station is right outside of the walls. Enter the fortress city and the first thing you will see is the Lucca Cathedral. On Sundays, there is a flea market from the front of the Cathedral to Napoleon Square. On Napoleon Square, there is the Sunday food market. it is the perfect place to get a local food for lunch and then go sit on the rampart to enjoy it. The ramparts are the place to take a lunch break or bike around the city. Passagiate delle Muro or the tree line pathway on that 16th, 17th-century ramparts is very peaceful and magical.

From the Cathedral, walk towards El Torre Guinigi. Make the effort to go on top of the tower to have a great view of the brick roof city. There is also a garden on top of the tower; a garden in the sky.

Walk towards the main square, Piazza Amfiteatro for all the cafes and little stores. The Frediano Church is in front of the piazza.

Piazza Amfiteatro
Piazza Amfiteatro
Frediano Church
Frediano Church

Take the small streets of the old town to St Michele Square full of cafes like the Buccellato Taddeucci café bakery.

St Michele in Foro
St Michele in Foro

For a sweet break, go to Gelaterium, where you can have a gelato and swing! Going back to childhood feels great. It is by Napoleon Square.


Top 10 things to do in Lucca

  1. Bike on the ramparts around the walled city
  2. Have a gelato and swing at the Gelaterium
  3. Get lost in the old town
  4. Have coffee and a cake at Buccellato Taddeucci café bakery on St Michele Square
  5. Have a bread a Forne a Vapore Bakery
  6. Have Pizza at Pizza da Felice
  7. Have more bread at Forno Casali Bakery
  8. Visit Lucca Cathedral
  9. Visit the Frediano Church famous for its mosaic
  10. Go up the Torre Guinigi. for a breathtaking view of the walled city.