Immersive Art taking over Los Angeles

If you are on a quest for immersive art, you will be very pleased with this year art exhibitions. From the queen of immersive art Yayoi Kusuma to the newbies like … , artists use immersive art to make us dive into their world and feel intense emotions.

Here are few ongoing experiences you will find in LA.

The Broad

The unique Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusuma immerses you in the middle of the starts and you can feel the soul of those stars that are million light years away from our planet. You have a feeling that you are disconnected from the world and you are just floating in the space with the stars.

Another of her permanent exhibition at the museum is the Longing for Eternity. You will observe from the outside of that box through porthole-like windows, a dazzling, LED light–filled hexagonal chamber. The result is a distinctly visual immersion, and a counterpoint to the rooms that envelope the viewer.

Through extreme repetition, both types of Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms create phenomenological experiences that provoke a sense of boundlessness and transcendence.


Marciano Art Foundation

Another of Yayoi Kusuma’s immersive room can be experienced at the Marciano Art Foundation. It is called WITH ALL MY LOVE FOR THE TULIPS, I PRAY FOREVER, 2011. You will be immersed for a few minutes in a bright red polka dot room with the oversized flower-potted tulips made from fiberglass- reinforced plastic and that are painted with the same red polka dots as the floor, ceiling, and walls. “She created here an immersive viewing experience while at the same time diminishing the appearance of depth. This work exemplifies Kusama’s singular vision and her distinctive gift for drawing viewers into the work on a deeply visceral level. Kusama currently lives and works in Tokyo.”

Yayoi Kusuma



2017 L.Art

Los Angeles has become a “cultural” city as more and many artists have spread their wings in the city of angels in 2017.


The Institute of Contemporary Art is the new, free, museum in Downtown LA.  It is exhibiting until the end of the year Abigail DeVille ‘s work “No Hidden Space (Shelter)”. Abigail “acts as an archaeologist, collecting and re-purposing found materials to give physical presence to unspoken histories and forgotten pasts”.



The Museum of Ice Cream

After its lunch in 2016 in New York, this unusual museum is coming to LA from April 22nd to May 19th. What a crazy and amazing idea to dedicate a museum to one of my weaknesses, the ice cream. It will also be the occasion to get lost in different “ice creamish” rooms , jump in a pool of Sprinkles and you will get to taste new flavors curated by the museum.

 29 Rooms

After New York,  Refinery29 brings its “interactive fun house of style, culture, & technology” to Los Angeles  with this year’s theme being Turn It Into Art where each room is inspirational in its own way.


Andy Warhol Revisited by Revolver Gallery

The Exhibition at the specialized art gallery celebrates the artist. The many works pieces at display pay tributes to the genius of Warhol  The picture station even allows you to channel your inner Warhol. A must stop place for all the Warhol lovers.


Desert x Project in Palm Springs

Desert x just produced a desert biennial. You have until April 30th to head to the desert for a giant art hunting. The prizes art amazing art pieces that looked like they just popped in the middle of nowhere.  The Non-Profit Organization reunited international artists to the Palm Desert Valley to showcase art that “focus attention on the valley’s environment, its natural wonders as well as socio-political-economic issues”.  Just grab the map for their website or from the lobby of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and start the most exciting treasure hunting ever.


Jason Rhodes at Hauser & Wirth

The Jason Rhoades Exhibit at the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery is now open to public. If you love immersive experiences this is one very exciting exhibition. The 6 installations translate Jason Rhoades’ vision of the society and religion. You have until May 21st to get immersed in the world of Jason Rhodes.



Zadik Zadikian has transformed his Downtown Los Angeles Studio into an exhibition. Once you open the door of that old building, at the end of the Produce Market courtyard, the gold stairs, the Stairway to Heaven, will take you upstairs to the studio. The Walls of that studio are all also covered by gold leaves by Zadik, even the bathroom doors. It is truly an immersive experience.



LACMA  is bringing to its stage Chagall’s fantasy costumes . Chagall got to do set design and costumes for many classical operas and ballets like Alexis set to music by Tchaikovsky or the Magic Flute by Mozart .At “Chagall Fantasies for the stages“, you will get to see the costumes as well as the paintings of Chagall, used as sketches for the set designs. The costumes are out of this world. You cannot stop contemplating every  little detail .

Must see exhibition that will end on Jan 7, 2018.



The most famous street artist stopped in LA and at LACMA this year with his inside out project bus . You could have your posted printed and be part of the “global participatory art project”. You could also see his prints around the city especially his poster of Agnes Varda with whom he made a documentary faces places .

The Broad

The Broad, is the new Contemporary Art Museum in Los Angeles. Opened in 2016,  it already became a reference with its impressive permanent collection including Jeff Koons or Basquiat, the many exhibitions like the infinity mirrored room by Yayoi Kusuma and the building itself designed by Diller Scofidio that is a  great piece of architecture.

The Museum is on Grand Ave in DTLA, the Art Street of Los Angeles, near MOCA and Disney Hall.

The unique Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusuma immerses you in the middle of the starts and you can feel the soul of those stars that are million light years away from our planet. You have a feeling that you are disconnected from the world and you are just floating in the space with the stars.

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away

If you love  Jeff Koons you need to stop at The Broad and admire the must-see Tulips.

It’s all about the texture – El Anatsui Red Block
Robert Therien Under the Table
John Baldessari Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell
John Baldessari Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell

Norton Simon Museum

Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is one of the most remarkable private art collections ever assembled. Approximately 1,000 works from the permanent collection of 12,000 objects are on view in the Norton Simon Museum’s galleries and sculpture garden throughout the year. How can you not fall in love with the Van Gogh Portrait of a Peasant in the middle of that green room. As a traveler I love The Traveler by Liubov Popova; I can see the frenzy of a person who is traveling in this oil on canvas painting. The small back room reserved to Sam Francis’ Basel Mural is majestic; the large mural is imposing and relaxing at the same time. The sculpture garden is perfect for taking a break, grab coffee or lunch but still be immerse in an art environment with those sculptures.

There is a temporary exhibition until August 29th called Duchamp to Pop where you can see artist Marcel Duchamp Pop Art and art work from similar artists, especially Andy Warhol, Jim Dine. The exhibition is for all the Duchamp Addicts like me and the ones that want to see the ones that want to discover Pop Art. You can see Duchamp’s famous L.H.O.O.Q Mona Lisa ( Mona Lisa with a mustache) as well as Brillo Boxes by Warhol or Half Dollar by Robert Dowd.

The Museum has an astonishing collection of European and Asian Art pieces from 14th to 20th Century. They consistently have amazing exhibitions whether it was Van Gohg Self-Portrait few years ago or Duchamp’s Pop Art Today. The Norton Simon Museum is the perfect museum to learn about the classic paintings as well discover modern art.


LACMA, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the Western United States. You can recognize the museum by its iconic “Urban Light” installation by Chris Burden. Besides its usual collection, LACMA is offering amazing exhibitions all year around.

LACMA Urban Lights
LACMA Urban Lights


LACMA  is bringing to its stage Chagall’s fantasy costumes. Chagall got to do set design and costumes for many classical operas and ballets like Alexis set to music by Tchaikovsky or the Magic Flute by Mozart.

At “Chagall Fantasies for the stages“, you will get to see the costumes as well as the paintings of Chagall, used as sketches for the set designs. 

The costumes are out of this world. You cannot stop contemplating every little detail . 

A must see exhibition that will end on Jan 7, 2018 


James Turrell is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space. James Turrell has different exhibitions at the LACMA. One of them is Breathing Light that I got the chance to experience. Breathing Light is an installation designed to entirely eliminate the viewer’s depth perception. You enter a room heavily illuminated LED lights that change colors from blue to pink. As you walk through the room towards the end wall, you start losing the feeling of depth and you are not sure anymore where the walls are, you feel like you are surrounded by a mist of color.

James Turrell Breathing Light
James Turrell Breathing Light

The Rain Room by Random International is another unique experience. It is an immersive environment of perpetually falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected. The installation offers visitors an opportunity to experience what is seemingly impossible: the ability to control rain. I, with some hesitation, start walking towards the rain and sure enough, as I got closer it stops. The experience lasts 5 minutes, during which you are amazed at how you can control the rain and walk around without getting wet.

Rain Room Lacma
Rain Room Lacma

There is an art installation near the coffee shop that you can’t miss. It is a dense curtain of plastic yellow tubes by Jesús Rafael Soto called “Penetrable“. It’s called for visitors’ participation. You get to walk through the installation and feel and see the tubes movements.

Jesús Rafael Soto "Penetrable"
Jesús Rafael Soto “Penetrable”


The next exciting exhibition, Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters, where we will get to see a room that will reflect the imagination of the horror movie filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The exhibition is organized thematically, beginning with visions of death and the afterlife; continuing through explorations of magic, occultism, horror, and monsters; and concluding with representations of innocence and redemption.

LA Art

LA is not known to be a “cultural” city, nevertheless, for the past few years, many artists have made a point to show their exhibitions here. LA is becoming more and more an art, cultural cities like New York, London or Paris.

Here are a few museums, Opera, Concert places you can go while in LA.


Top 10 Exhibitions in 2016

Top Exhibitions in 2017

Golden Walls


Norton Simon Museum


Hello Everybody.

Here are my tips on what to see, where to eat and what tour is worth to take in Amsterdam. I’m including pictures of everything and a map of the city.  All the addresses are hyperlinked and you can easily found all the information.

I booked my Eurotrip kinda last minute, a month before going, and found a great package (flight and hotel) deal on That website has the best packages, at an unbeatable price and you can easily customize them. I stayed at the Hotel Nicolaas Witsen in the museum area. That small hotel was in the perfect location close to the museums, the tram, and the market. The service was also excellent.

Things to know:

  • You can walk everywhere or take the tram. The tram works until 1am.
  • Just drink Heineken or Amstel
  • The currency is Euros.
  • You might think I’m including a lot of stuff in a day, but everything is next to each other and going from point A to point B takes no more than 5 minutes.

3 days in Amsterdam:

Day 1:

Start with the museum area. It is also a great area to stay. Very lively and safe at night.

Rijksmuseum is  Holland’s National Museum. The entrance fee is  17.50 euros. The famous Van Gogh Museum is right next to it and the entrance is 17 euros. Get your tickets online to skip the crazy line.

If you are planning to go to the museums, stay an extra day.

Stop by the “I am Amsterdam sign” in the middle of the museums. It is a very crowded attraction. The best time to be able to found a picture with nobody but you on it is early morning. The sign is also in the front of the airport.

Take a break at the café right next to the sign, the Cobra café, perfect place to enjoy the sun and the traditional Beef croquet, fries and Heineken.

From there you can walk to Vondel Park. Rent a bike to enjoy the park and the lake.

At night, go to the Leidseplein lively neighborhood right across Vondel Park. The Square is surrounded by a bunch of cafes including Bulldog Coffeeshop, the most famous smoke café.


Go to the Albert Cuyp Market situated by the Heineken Experience. It is the perfect place to get all of your souvenirs. The market is open every day but Sundays. Try the Stroopwafels, the waffle with caramel inside.

Then head to the Heineken Experience tour. Whether you are or not a beer fan, this is a very interesting tour and tasting experience.

Continue with a canal boat cruise. The tour starts right in from of the Heineken ExperienceDuring the cruise, you will pass by Magere Brug – The “Skinny Bridge”, the Jordaan Neighborhood or Muziektheater, the city’s opera and dance venue.

From there, take the tram to the flower market, Bloemenmarkt.  All of those flowers, those colors; you will fall in love with this place. You can walk to the Begijnhof, a former religious cloister for women. The Begijnhof, founded in the 14th century, is now a residence for elderly women

Finish the day by taking the tram to the Anne Frank House. If you didn’t reserve any ticket online,  going there the later is better. The line is less after 6pm and the house is open until 10pm. Don’t forget to check Westerkerk square, a bronze statue of Anne Frank graces the square outside the 17th-century Protestant church where Rembrandt was laid to rest.

At night, head to the Red Light District. Start your walk at condomerie het vvlden vlies. You can then head to the Oude Kirk, the old church. The walk through the Red District is very quick unless you have some business there. Head towards the Dam square to see the square, the Royal Palaceand the New Church.

You have to end the night at the in de Wildeman by the Dam Square. It is one of the must go bar in the world per CNTraveler.


In the morning take the windmills tour. The Viator tour is the best one. Take the half a day tour including the Zaanse Schans windmills, you will specifically visit the oil mill, Marken Clog Maker and you will end by taking the boat to Volendam Cheese Factory. Make sure you are on time because they leave EXACTLY on time. If you get there early, go get fries with mayo from Vlaamse Frites, you won’t regret it.

Finish the afternoon by going to the Rembrandt Museum and admire some of the world’s finest art painting. At night stay in the area at Rembrandt Place. That square has all the best restaurants and clubs in town. What a great place to finish the trip.