Lucca Walking Guide

Here is a map and the guide to see that beautiful historic city.

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Lucca is a walled medieval city a few hours away from Florence. It is the perfect carpe diem day getaway destination if you decide to spend some time in Tuscany.

Take the train; the best way to visit Italy. The train station is right outside of the walls. Enter the fortress city and the first thing you will see is the Lucca Cathedral. On Sundays, there is a flea market from the front of the Cathedral to Napoleon Square. On Napoleon Square, there is the Sunday food market. it is the perfect place to get a local food for lunch and then go sit on the rampart to enjoy it. The ramparts are the place to take a lunch break or bike around the city. Passagiate delle Muro or the tree line pathway on that 16th, 17th-century ramparts is very peaceful and magical.

From the Cathedral, walk towards El Torre Guinigi. Make the effort to go on top of the tower to have a great view of the brick roof city. There is also a garden on top of the tower; a garden in the sky.

Walk towards the main square, Piazza Amfiteatro for all the cafes and little stores. The Frediano Church is in front of the piazza.

Piazza Amfiteatro
Piazza Amfiteatro
Frediano Church
Frediano Church

Take the small streets of the old town to St Michele Square full of cafes like the Buccellato Taddeucci café bakery.

St Michele in Foro
St Michele in Foro

For a sweet break, go to Gelaterium, where you can have a gelato and swing! Going back to childhood feels great. It is by Napoleon Square.


Top 10 things to do in Lucca

  1. Bike on the ramparts around the walled city
  2. Have a gelato and swing at the Gelaterium
  3. Get lost in the old town
  4. Have coffee and a cake at Buccellato Taddeucci café bakery on St Michele Square
  5. Have a bread a Forne a Vapore Bakery
  6. Have Pizza at Pizza da Felice
  7. Have more bread at Forno Casali Bakery
  8. Visit Lucca Cathedral
  9. Visit the Frediano Church famous for its mosaic
  10. Go up the Torre Guinigi. for a breathtaking view of the walled city.

Pisa Walking Guide

Pisa is all about the Leaning Tower. Half a Day is sufficient to see the city.

From The train station, take the main artery Corso Italia which is the pedestrian passage to get to Piazza Dei Miracoli. By there you have the Piazza del Duomo, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. The Piazza is the place where all the Pisa must see are including the famous leaning tower of Pisa that “had a great influence on monumental art in Italy from the 11th to the 14th century.” You can go inside the tower and while going up you can feel the tower is leaning. You will always be attracted to the walls which make the walking up the stairs a little bit difficult. From the top of the tower, you will have an amazing view of the Piazza and its monuments, the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Cemetery as well as the whole city.

Exit the Piazza to go see the Cathedral of Saint Caterina d’Allessandria and you can stroll in the park in front of it.

Then head the other main square, the Knights’ Square. On that Cavalieri square, that used to be the political center of the city, you have the Church of Santo Stefano dei  Cavalieri, Palazzo de Corovana, and the Clock Tower. Stand in the middle to have a 360-degree view of that beautiful Piazza.

Finally walk back towards the Arno River. Take a leisure walk along all the colorful houses by the river. By the rover, you will see a very small Gothic church. It is the Church of Santa Maria della Spina. It is very unusual to see that small church in the middle of the city between the River the houses. Unfortunately, we can’t go inside of it.

Pisa is a small walled city and if you are on a busy tourist schedule, it is the perfect city to slow down and just enjoy Italy.

Prague Walking Guide

Walking Guide 1: Prague Old Town

Start at Old Town Square. You will see there, the Astronomical Clock. You will be in front of the clock at the hour for the “show” that was by the way nominated one of the most deceiving attractions in the world. You can also see the Church of Our Lady before Týn, Nicholas’ Church, Kinský Palace and Statue of Jan Hus.

Head towards Wenceslas Square and pass by the upside-down statue of King Wenceslas on his horse by David Cerny. The Statue is definitely one of the weirdest things you will see in Prague.

Then go to the Old Jewish Quarter to see the Old New Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery.

Walk back towards the Vltava River,  passing by the Rudolfinum, where performs the Czech Philharmonic. Take a pic inside The National Library; It has an infinite book tower at the entrance.

Finish the walk of the old town by going to up the Powder Tower by Charles Bridge to have a breathtaking view of the old town and the Prague castle

P.S: Have dinner at one of the restaurants in old town square. Try one of the typical Czech foods like Goulash. The beef goulash was my favorite. Have coffee and dessert at Kafka Café right behind St Nicholas Church.

Prague old town walking guide
Prague Old Town Walking Guide

Walking Guide 2:  Prague Castle and Lesser Town

Walk thought Kampa Island. You will discover interesting sculptures by David Cerny in the park. The Cruise of the Vltava starts there, take the relaxing hour tour and enjoy the ride. When back, right before getting to  Charles’ Bridge, check out the John Lennon Wall. Have your sharpie ready, to be able to write down something and leave a mark on that wall.

You can then go under the bridge to get to Kafka Museum. You will again see one of David Cerny’s sculptures.

P.S: Right next to it, don’t miss the narrowest street in the world. It has a crossing light!

From there, you can walk to the castle. There are some stairs that will take you right to the entrance of the castle. It’s a 10 min walk/climbing stairs. Visit the Prague Castle area at your leisure and finish with a walk through the Castle Garden.

P.S: At the entrance, the ceremonial rotation of soldiers starts every day at noon and rotation at the observation posts occurs every hour, on the hour. 

The  Castle Garden offers a panoramic view of Prague all along the way. It ends on a small street. Walk down the stairs; the road leading to the Lesser Town has small shops and galleries tucked into every narrow nook. 

P.S: Finish your day or start your night at one of the restaurants by the river. The view is just gorgeous. I went to Hergetova Cihelna, the view is priceless.

Prague lesser town walking guide
Prague Lesser Town Walking Guide

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Seville Walking Guide

Start your day in the heart of old town Seville. Visit the Cathedral of Seville with its Giralda Tower. After visitant the Dark yet the majestic interior of the Cathedral go towards La Giralda, an old Minaret, right next to the Cathedral. Take the step challenge and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking 360 view of Seville.

Across the square, you can visit Alcazar, the oldest European royal residence still in use (the king and queen stay here when they’re in Seville). The different Palacios are beautiful as well as the gardens. Just wander around and admire the artisan work.

Then, head to Plaza de España, about 15 min walk from old town. It is a crescent-shaped Renaissance-style Plaza designed and supervised by Architect Aníbal González. Get close to the murals; it’s all about the details. You can rent rowboats for excursions on the canal, be ready for some arm workout.

Right across, walk through Maria Luisa Park to go to  Torre del Oro and Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. It is worth taking a tour of the magnificent Bullring with its impressive Baroque façade and the main entrance Puerta del Príncipe with beautiful 16th-century iron gates. Unfortunately, it is not possible to step into the ring.

In the late afternoon, cross the bridge and found yourself at  Barrio de Triana. It is the working class neighborhood, where you can do some not touristy shopping. This is the best area to head for early evening tapas.

Seville Walking Guide
Seville Walking Guide


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